Friday, May 29, 2009


Yes, this was a great way to learn about what is happening, and to take the plunge fearlessly. I plan to explore further. The only question is finding the time. I definitely plan to go back to zoho and news podcasts. I no longer have a fear of blogging, and signed on to facebook during the tapas. I think a mobile device would make it easier to stay on top of these things. Flickr was the most fun, so many beautiful photos, but the wiki has a lot of potential for furthering communication. My surprise is that I had time to get through it (at least, I hope I got through it). Would love to see more participants. My thanks to Norma, Andrea and Bob for giving everyone this opportunity.


Looking at the titles for some podcasts was a little alarming, especially the alltime favorites. I was afraid to view them in the workplace, my oh my! I could spend a lot of time with these, especially the ones with news. Maybe I need an ipod so I can watch wherever I am. I like and will revisit it.

You Tube

You Tube is fun but has a lot of dreck. I posted a good jazz pianist because there aren't that many these days and there is less and less opportunity to hear good jazz musicians live. Was really sorry to read that the Newport and NYC jazz festivals won't happen this year. The festival sponsor is out of money. Vive le jazz!


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ET, phone home!

Flickr bug

I was just looking at the most recent favorites on Flickr and there is a bug that looks very familiar. Now I know its name! Percevejos. Probably won't remember it though. These photos are so good, I could waste a lot of time doing this ... !


Would anyone like to keep the tapas wiki open and ask those who are willing to keep posting favorites? I really enjoyed reading about favorite travel destinations.